LV for me for Christmas!!

Feb 8, 2006
I start a new job in 2 weeks and am going to use my first paycheck to buy an LV, it may just be a pochette, but I WILL get myself some LV for Christmas! YEA!

Now I have to decide between a pochette accessories or a speedy 25 in mono or damier. UGH!


May 16, 2007
I suggest the Speedy, especially if it's for everyday use. I bought a damier pochette and used it for a month before the thread on the strap started coming apart. Took it back and got another one and the same thing happened. I finally returned it and got the damier Illovo and it's been great. Let us know what you decide.


May 7, 2007
i'd say speedy too only b/c its more functional, i only whip out the pochette for dinners out what don't include going to bars and clubs (watching out for the drunk ppl and potenial wetmarks on vachetta)

i'd go for damier only b/c you can throw it around and not have a heart attack from uneven patina. Although the azur speedy is yummy and potentially my next lv bag purchase.

i say, damier 25! gl~
Apr 20, 2007
i agree with everyone who's commented, the speedy would be a great first LV purchase. totally functional and of course, you can fit a lot more stuff in it! I tried on a pochette but my phone wouldn't even fit (I've got a bulky and pesky HP iPaq for work) - the speedy can hold all your everyday work stuff so that would be totally more useful. The pochette though, would be a nice bag to tote when going out at night or on short day trips to the mall or when you go and have coffee with your girlfriends :smile: