LV for ipod touch/ iphone??

  1. for those of you who have either of these, what small LV piece can be used to store it in? i'm wondering, since i have the ipod touch, and i'd love a LV piece to put it in...
  2. no one?
  3. ok, thanks!
  4. What about a mini accessories pouch??
  5. that sounds good, too! thanks!
  6. Other suggestions:

    -Okapi Case GM

    -Macau Clutch

    Pochette Tulum
  7. thanks, john! those are awesome! the first two seem big, are they? or do they just look big from the pics?
  8. I don't have the iPhone ~ but I keep my regular 30GB iPod in a small LV cosmetic case.

    I also have several Coach wristlets ~ but those are better suited for my mini. :smile:
  9. Case could be nice in matte brown croc. Otherwise, yawn.
  10. You're welcome!

    They just look big in the pics... they are much smller IRL.
  11. Oh darn!
    I should have seen this before I got my crystals!
    Oh well. There's always room for more LV.
  12. I love the tulum! I really want one to hand off of my bags to put my phone in!!