LV for guys

  1. Hello everybody.

    I have a little question.
    I have a boy friend - not boyfriend :p who would love to get a LV bag. He doesn't want a shoulderbag.
    Do you guys have any thoughts as to which bag he should get? :confused1:
  2. my boy friend (not boyfriend ;)) has the Pochette Melville and is really nice! but if yours doesn't want a shoulder bag there aren't many choices unless he's a doctor or lawyer!
  3. from the cuir soana line their are 3 beautiful bags with out shoulder strap!
  4. how about the Tobago shoe bag or maybe the Damier Geant Couguar?
  5. taiga kasbek, very elegant,very chic, little bit pricey though...
  6. how about a back pack? the damier geant pionnier looks nice.

    ya, the taiga kasbek (a bit more formal though), tobago shoe bag, carryall are all nice too.

    depends as well on where he's going to using it...
  7. My suggestions:
    -Damier Bastille
    -Melville Reporter
    -Damier Broadway
    -Utah Witchita
    -Utah Huron
    -Damier Geant Messager
    -Damier Geant Loup
    -Taiga Alexei
    -Taiga Dersou
    -Monogram Canvas Bosphore [PM or GM]
    -Monogram Canvas Abbesses Messenger
  8. Thanks you guys!
    I'll let him know what you all think :o)
  9. I say taiga dersou. Vlad has some great pics of it. I have one in Grizzi and its easily my fave bag.
  10. :woohoo: Tobago shoe bag is the answer!