LV for DH

  1. Ok, I needs your help! I'm looking to buy my DH a wallet! It's between the multiple wallet/billfold with 9 credit card slots and in mono/damier ebene. We don't have an LV store near by for me to compare the two.
  2. Have you looked at Damier Graphitr wallets? They look more manly to me ��
  3. IMHO, Damier Graphite is the best pattern for guys.
  4. I was looking at that pattern too! Thank you:smile:
  5. Macassar! Or taiga wallets are nice
  6. I think guys match the most with damier ebene or graphite compared to mono.
  7. Damier graphite! That's what I'm getting my guy for Christmas, it looks so sexaaaaaay.
  8. Hi, I really don't mean to hijack this thread, but since the question is being asked about a wallet for OP's husband and I'm also looking to purchase a wallet for my DH-- does anyone know if there's a wallet that has a 'window' for the driver's license or ID in the damier graphite or a solid (black, brown or grey) color??

    *TIA* :coolio:
  9. Florin wallet. My guy needs a window too. I want to get him the Florin Wallet in
    Damier Graphite. 8 card slots, ID window, full bill area and change pocket.