LV for Christmas - practical!

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  1. Many people assume LV is waaaay out of a normal person's price range, which it is not, depending on what pieces. How would I explain this to my BF who prolly wouldn't get me anything LV for Christmas because he assumes its all over $1000? (He's very much into quality and knows all the namebrands, but just doesn't know the true price points) Any way to subtly hint this to him? :confused1:
  2. it's the best i think...for me right now bc I need some lv since most of my got stolen but you can tell him to get you something small like wallet, cles or pochette. They aren't that expensive.
  3. Do you have an LV store anywhere near you. This is what I have always done.. arrange to go Christmas shopping for other people one weekend or evening. Then as you subtly walk by the LV store, say let's just pop in to look around. Then I just kinda "browse" and point out things I want or look at and say "oh this price of XXX is not too bad." That way he is seeing in person what you like AND getting the price too.
  4. Good idea! Yes we have a store here (that's where I got mine)...will have to try that tactic out! :woohoo:
  5. sometimes I pull him over to the computer when i see something cute on tPF and go - look honey isn't that cute? it's only XXX :sweatdrop:
  6. Maybe start out with a's not badly priced or get online and show him with the prices.
  7. That's a perfect approach!! SHOPSTOMUCH:tup:
  8. You can also point out items the next time you just happen to be browsing on
  9. Men are very visual and sometimes when we throw a lot at them they tend to just lose interest. Which is why i do the hands on approach so they see it and know exactly what I looked at, the location of it in the store and sometimes if a SA approachs they can remember them and ask for them later on too.
  10. yeah I think it will help if I let my BF know that there are some nice LV accessories and such in the $200-400 range...he'd be ok with that! Again, he assumes all LV is $1000+. :P I am currently wanting a mini accessories or might be the perfect suggestion!
  12. My bf was the same way, but since he goes shopping with me a lot he has come to see that there are actually LV bags that are quite affordable :smile: I hope you get what you want this xmas!
  13. I agree with the idea of something in a price range he's comfy with ;). In time he'll begin to understand just how much you love LV and how great the quality is. Then he'll be willing to buy more expensive items. Good luck!!!
  14. hey, didn't your boyfriend purchase your damier speedy 25 for your birthday, and an inclusion bracelet? i could've sworn i read that in one of your threads before. :confused1: maybe he doesn't want to get you something over $1000 from LV so quickly after october. i agree with the sugarcookie above. maybe he'd be more comfortable with something within his price range.

    i wish my boyfriend would get me something...anything really...from LV. he's not really into luxury items, he doesn't really understand it.
  15. ^^ wow, i'm so stupid. *hits myself on the head*

    i thought you were another tPFer. she has the exact same avatar as you. i just neglected to read the username and thought you were her. i'm so sorry!