LV for a 16 year old?

  1. My little sister's 16th birthday is comming up, and I was wondering what you guys thought of me getting her a LV? Is she too young? If not, which LV would suit her?
  2. no don't think that's too young, I got my first LV around that age. maybe a pochette or speedy.
  3. Pochette would be perfect!
  4. I'd recommend a Speedy as well. Maybe a Damier piece ?
  5. I would get something that doesn't scream LV... like something in Damier Canvas... possibly a Pochette Accessoires or a Speedy 25?
  6. I guess it depends on how responsible your little sister is. If she takes care of stuff, go for it. I think everyone's suggestions are excellent.
  7. I don't think that's too young, I'd get her something

    Maybe a Pochette or a Speedy 25 or how about something colorful in epi ... I think Mandarin would be TDF
  8. I dont think thats too yound at all!! i am 12 and have 5 pieces....i think a pochtte or a speedy would be perfect!
  9. I'd get her a pochette. It's a nice start.
  10. I think pochette would be perfect.
  11. I think something small and cute would be a wonderful gift. I'm thinking along the lines of a little piece from multi-color canvas line. Unless, of course she has expressed a love for the monogram canvas or damier lines. Then instead I'd get her a pochette or little bag from one of those lines.

    How sweet you are to think of something so nice for your sister's birthday!
  12. I don't think she is too young (depending what you get her). I am buying my daughter an MC Mini HL for her 7th birthday in a few weeks. She wants one badly.
  13. I agree with the pps, get her a pochette or a speedy 25 :yes:
  14. I think a pochette would be great, at that age I doubt if she needs a huge bag. Something simple like a pochette would be easy to carry day or night.
  15. I think its fine, a pochette sounds like a great gift.