LV Focus Group

  1. I'm from LA and got a phone call to participate in their LV research group at their Beverly Hill's location. It is for 2 hours and I receive $250. Problem is that I didn't receive the message for a few days. I think they have met their quota in participants:cry: It isn't the money that got me excite, but the idea I can tell them how I feel about their collections.

    Anyone else was invited?
  2. Have they definately said you are no longer needed? It would be great to go:biggrin: .
    I don't think they even them sort of forums over here, pity:sad2:
  3. It is a market research firm that is doing the focus group for LV. I left 2 messages with the firm and have not receive a confirmation. The focus group is on May 15th.
  4. Ohh Star got a call to so you can PM her for more info
  5. Thanks!
  6. i think that would be a really neat experience. hopefully you will still get to participate.
  7. Sounds great. Let us know what happen.
  8. OMG, how do we get to be in the focus group, invites only?
  9. Yeh, how do you get invited to these focus groups? Do you have to be good friends with the SA?
  10. That sucks. I'd love to do that.