LV First Timer Help Please

  1. Hello to everyone. I have been reading and enjoying this forum for a few months and am finally posting for the first time. I have decided to spend my yearly bonus check on my very first Louis Vuitton bag.

    I think my first purchase is going to be a Speedy 30. I have not seen one in person, but based on the comments I have read in this forum, I think the Speedy 25 may be not be large enough for me. Any thoughts on any better choices for my first LV?

    Also, question for everyone. Does the purchase of my first LV need to be an event? I am wondering if it is better to go in person to the LV boutique. I will need to drive 4 hours for the closest one. I assume I will need to call in advance to verify they have one in stock. I would hate to get all the was there and find out they do not have what I am looking for. It seems it would not be as exciting to order it on eLux and wait for it to come in the mail. I will not purchase through eBay. I do not know enough to identify a real from a good fake and refuse to take the chance of being robbed. Any opinions?
  2. I would say to go the store to see which one you would prefer, the 25 or the 30.. but definately go to the store for your first purchase! Welcome to the forum!
  3. Speedy 30 was/is my first LV bag. I love the size of it. The 25 would've been fine size-wise, but I didn't feel the opening was large enough for me, if that makes sense.

    I bought mine off of Eluxury, the closest LV is in Saks an hour and a half away, and I frankly don't have the time to drive up there to shop. It did not diminish my excitement for it, either. They shipped it much sooner and it arrived more quickly than I thought it would, even adding in the problem with Fed Ex I had (they kept sending it back n forth between two FedEx facilities for some unknown reason, but they found it, it wasn't damaged, and they allowed me to come pick it up.

    Anyways, you may prefer the boutique route, or you may prefer to order it, either way I'm sure you'll love it. :smile:
  4. Welcome! The speedy 30 was my first purchase too, and I definitely think it's a great size! Hehe, I bought that just a few weeks ago and haven't stopped since. Warning: LV is veerrry addictive! :graucho:
  5. Welcome to tPF! :yes: I think that the speedy is an excellent choice for your first bag! It's a classic style!
  6. Welcome. My first LV was speedy 30. Have fun shopping and trying on speedies. Post pics when you make your pick.
  7. welcome to the pf you have come to right place, and the speedy 30 make's the perfect first LV you can choose from different types of canvas like Damier, Damier azur Mini lin all for the same price as the mono I like the new Dune mini lin color I saw it today it's gorgeous..
  8. A Speedy will always be a great first LV!!! The Speedy 30 was my first. I LOVE it! and yes I think a first purchase would be great in the boutique versus elux!! good luck!
  9. This is so exciting!!!! :yahoo:

    I will always remember my first LV purchase....even though its a long drive i say if you can go and make a day out of it go for it! You can look at EVERYTHING see what you really like and its just so great being at the store. I have to drive about 2 hours to get to my closest one. I think if i had one near me i would be there every day :nuts:

    I cant wait to hear what you get and what you do!!!
  10. Going to the LV store is such a fun experience. You can try on all the bags, wander around for awhile, then buy your bag. It should fun to finish up the day shopping with the LV shopping bag in tow, you'll feel pretty awesome.

    The Speedy is a good first bag, so classy.
  11. I agree with the others. I don't think that every LV pruchase has to be from the boutique, but for your first it would be fun and memorable to make a day out of it!!
    Also, the speedy 30 is a great choice for your first!!
  12. I would also recommend ordering from 866VUITTON. The customer service is excellent and the packaging is exquisite. For the FIRST experience, I think it's worth the drive to a boutique, just so that you can "try on" the different bags, but future purchases (and trust me, you'll soon be addicted and buying a cles, wallet and an agenda in no time) can be made from 866VUITTON. I know a lot of folks swear by eLux, but I find the 866 experience better. Oh, and a Speedy 30 is an excellent choice! Good luck!
  13. I bought my first LV from eluxury, not realizing that there is in fact an LV boutique not far from where I live (about 45 minutes). It was a batignolles; the speedy doesn't really "do" it for me though I have since gotten one in the mini lin, which I love. The boutique can be a great experience but I think if you're new to LV it might be easier to use elux. You can browse all the different styles and materials without feeling pressured if you know what I mean. Of course it is not the same as seeing the bags IRL. Maybe you could look at the bags on elux and choose a few you really like, then go to the boutique to view them in person?

    Well, however you do it, welcome to tPF and congrats on your first LV!!
  14. I agree, I think that's an EXCELLENT first lv... mine was a mono 25 (fits me, but I don't carry a lot)... mine was a surprise xmas gift so i didn't get the boutique experience and I don't think I missed out but that's just personally. i Love getting things in the mail! Plus, I don't know if you've read about ******.com but if you sign up there you can get %back from online purchases and elux is one of their retailers...
  15. I would also suggest a Saleya MM, Batignolles Horizontal, or a Popincourt Haut. ;)