LV fine jewelry--how often are new styles released?

  1. In the future, I would loveee to own a piece of LV fine jewelry, most likely a ring, pendant or bracelet. I could start a small fund and begin saving for my very first piece of LV fine jewelry, but currently I don't really LOVE any of the things available.

    I would use the LV initials charm, secret coeur charm, pochette charm, or key charm as a pendant, but I think I would like a ring better because I rarely wear necklaces.

    The monogram twist ring is cute, but I'd like something that screams a little more LV (not necessarily the LV logo though...), the chain attraction ring is beautiful but too chunky looking (I wear lots of delicate jewelry), the small clous/empreinte rings are cute but too subtle (may as well just buy a gold band from somewhere else...), small fleur ring is cute too but a little too cutesy.

    The PERFECT ring is the monogram ring...the one with the two pearls, the LV lock and the key...SOOOO gorgeous BUT it ONLY COMES IN YELLOW GOLD!!! :hysteric: I rarely wear yellow gold jewelry and I always wear my white gold promise ring and I don't know how I feel about wearing white gold on one hand and yellow gold on the other...

    So after all any of you know when new fine jewelry pieces are released? Think there'll be new styles around the time when the new F/W bags are released? I really would love to begin saving for an LV ring...
  2. From what I've seen they released a new collection annually but they tend to be quite repetative (utilizing th same design concept in broch ring braclet ect) KWIM.
  3. I wish they'd do a ring similar to this Chanel ring that I saw...except in 18K white gold. It was a white gold band with CC logos imprinted all around the perimeter, wish LV'd make one with LV logos.
  4. I love guccis collection of GG jewelry. But i know what you mean. You are paying good money and you want it to say LV on it.
  5.'s that GORGEOUS $200K+ diamond ring....THEN it doesn't matter whether there's an LV logo there or not!!! :lol:
  6. If the only adornment or design of the ring is a lot of LVs scattered acorss I personally think it's a waste of precious material, I think that's better for the custume jewelry. The fine jewelry should be just that; fine also in the designed, not just monogrammed.
  7. I think LV comes out with my jewelry seasonally.
  8. They should come out with a costume jewelry piece like that, then :p

    I'm starting to really like the clous ring with diamond...but I'm unsure about wearing a single-diamond ring on both hands (I like wearing "busier" jewelry on my right hand). Do like the twist ring a lot, but what if...the "twist" part gets damaged? :wtf:
  9. How about the petite Louisette? $2625

    or a mini malle in white gold starting at $3300-$7500
  10. Ha...ha...
  11. Are there any sites (ie Rakuten) that has "real life" pics of some of the fine jewelry??
  12. why did you laugh? I dont think $3300 is that bad for the mini malle ring in white gold, yeah its one piece of quartz but if u want 3 peices thats when its $7500!! lol
  13. My birthday wish (November) is actually the monogram ring. I just love it. Save up for that one Karman!
  14. It wasn't meant to be ha-ha laughing, it was meant to be like a shocked expression. Being a part time student of 19, I do not have $7500 to splurge on a ring.