LV feather bracelet

  1. [​IMG]

    Louis Vuitton feather bracelet, $2,310 at Louis Vuitton.
  2. its so pretty! but id never actually wear it!
  3. Expensive feather
  4. ooooooooh-my cats would love that!
  5. wow what an item. I love the color but would never wear this.
  6. I cannot imagine someone actually wearing it, although i do agree with travelbliss it might be a very useful tool for picking up dust in hard to reach places.
    maybe it would've looked better without the feathers just as a bangle!
  7. That's hideous. Sorry!
  8. i played with that in new york! lol it was fun but i wouldn't wear it :smile: it's even more outrageous in person.
  9. :wtf: using something that cost $2310 as a duster? :push:
  10. I actually like it but its not worth $2310.00 i hope its a typo!!
  11. :nuts: HOW MUCH??
    Hey...maybe Victoria Beckham can use it as a very fancy duster...?:smile: Not that i can see her dusting..but this might give her some encouragement lol
    Its a high end, luxury duster lol
  12. :nogood:
  13. I really like it.
  14. How horrific, you'd be sweeping everything with it !
  15. least the feathers are pretty color wise?