LV Favourite pm vs LV Pallas Clutch


What should be my first LV Handbag

  1. LV Favourite PM Damier Ebene

  2. LV Pallas Clutch with Noir

  1. What should I buy first?
  2. I voted for the Pallas clutch only because I'm not crazy about the plate on the front of the Favorite. I would think it would scratch easily. I do have the Pallas clutch and it holds a surprising amount. I have the IPhone 8 and it fits in the exterior pocket.
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  3. If you need to carry more items, are not bothered with potential creasing issues, prefer the flap closure and are more into the the cute/preppy look - go for the Favorite PM.

    If you only want to carry essentials (phone, compact wallet, compact, lipstick, tissues, keys), prefer a zipper closure, like external pocket option and prefer a more edgy/modern look - go for the Pallas Clutch.

    However, for a first LV I’d suggest something with more bang for your buck - between the two, that would be the Favorite. I love my Pallas Clutch, but I do feel it’s a bit overpriced. Favorite has a much more reasonable price point.
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  4. Pallas for me because zip over magnet/ flap closure. Plus it's prettier
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