LV Favorite PM strap and chain question


Mar 5, 2016
Hello. I'm new to the PurseForum, so if this question goes somewhere else, I'm happy to post it there...

I just purchased the LV Favorite PM. My question is in two parts: 1) when wearing the Favorite PM as a cross body with the long vachetta strap, do you prefer the chain inside the bag or out? And 2) if you do wear it as a cross body with the chain out, do you put the chain to the front, near the flap, or to the back, near the rivets?

Just curious what others are doing. Thanks! IMG_1485565567.558682.jpg


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Mar 27, 2016
New England
I have an Azur MM, and I like to wear my chain on the outside, on the front of the flap. I think it looks so pretty. I also love the sound the chain makes when it hits against the canvas.