LV Favorite MM - still around?

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  1. Are these still around? I read a few months ago that there was talk of discontinuing and was wondering if I could still get one. The website says to "call for availability", but I know that typically around the holidays things are sold out.

  2. I called the customer service to try and order it and they told me it was on back order for 8 weeks!!!!! :confused1::noworry:
  3. If you do not have a regular SA to order one from then you will need to stalk the site. It shows up available periodically you just have to catch it. Plenty of threads regarding canvas bags right now which will include the Favorite.
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  4. Thank you. I found the Favorite clubhouse.
  5. I just got the Favorite PM. Call your nearest LV store and ask SA to put you on waitlist. You should get it within a month. I would not wait for the website to show in stock, call the SA. Good luck!!
  6. Hi, Is this still the case? I asked to be put on the waiting list recently for a favorite PM and still have no heard back. :sad: What is the approx wait time to hear back?
  7. How long has it been since you joined the waitlist. I waited a month before i got a call from SA to pick up my bag.I got the PM in Damier Ebene . try calling stores in CA, FL they had monogram available. Wait times for Damier Azur might be longer. Hope you get yours soon !!
  8. I called from Canada about 3 weeks ago. Amd they found a MM Azur for me in Toronto !
  9. I was put on waitlist for favorite mm azur in Feb, got call in March but because I just got speedy so I passed. I got call again last week, but the bag has dent on front flap. When I returned it in store today, SA told me that it was announced around last xmas that this bag is discontinued and when they sold all current stock, there would be no more, so they might not get another one (he also told me the dent will likely flatten out with use... might be true but I still decided to return it. We have heard many different things so I don’t totally believe him, and I regret that I didn’t check the date code before I return the bag!! Has anyone heard the same thing?
  10. I just got one .... how dors the date code work ? I could check mine
  11. There should be a leather tag inside on the right. First 2 digits means where it is made. Last 4 digits means when it is made. For example, 2138 means 23rd week in 2018. I am wondering if bags are still made in 2018. Thanks!
  12. I’ll check tonight when I get home
  13. I got an MM in DE about 3 or 4 weeks ago via customers service, who linked me to a boutique in Florida.
  14. Sorry I couldn’t reply before : my tag is SD1158 .... so this bag is still in production !
  15. Great! Thanks so much!!!
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