Lv Favorite MM or Balenciaga?


Help me choose

  1. Balenciaga Mini Metallic Edge

    18 vote(s)
  2. LV Favorite mm Monogram

    15 vote(s)
  3. Lv Favorite mm Damier Azur

    3 vote(s)
  1. Hi guys
    Im looking for a crossbody bag
    Which bag do you think will hold its value and suitable for woman in her 30s,

    Balenciaga Mini Metallic Edge in Black goat leather €1200

    LV Favorite MM in either Monogram Or Damier Azur €930

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  2. They are both classics, which don‘t go out of style. Because those two bags are quite different, it depends on what you are looking for. The Bal is a bit more edgy, though classic and the Favourite is plain classic. In my opinion between both I would choose the Bal, but just because I don‘t like the shape of the Favourite MM.
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  3. I love the rock n' roll look of the Bal. The metal edge really kicks it up a notch, plus the leather looks luscious. Definitely go for the Bal!
  4. My choice for you is a Balenciaga Mini Metallic Edge. You can never go wrong with the shade of black.
  5. Lv favorite !
  6. I have the ME mini city in burgundy, if let me choose again, I will still choose Bal, it is edgy and classic. But favorite can also be used as an evening bag which is a bonus. I just personally don’t like how the strap on one side is just hanging with the leather, it doesn’t look appealing to me, other than that, it is a lovely purse.
  7. I would pick the Bal. I just don’t love the way the Favorite looks.
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  8. I have the Bal mini in goat skin and never baby it and it looks as new as the day I bought it 18 months ago. Amazing bag. Mine is black and can double for evening if you remove the strap
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  9. As a thirty year old mom I vote for the Bal. I think the edge it has can liven up an outfit while the favorite is mostly just a pretty but casual bag. Good choices either way, I guess it depends on your style and which way you want to take it.