LV & faulty products

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  1. I'm fairly new to LV, I only own 3 items, a DE Speedy 25, a zippy wallet and a cosmetic bag. I purchased one of the special edition cosmetic pouches at Heathrow on the way on holiday, and was really pleased to get my hands on it. I really love Palm trees and my only disappointment was that they only had the red and not the pink in stock.

    I've used it for a couple of weeks and noticed today that the colour of the pattern has started to chip off.

    I called LV and they told me that I cannot just return the item. I have to wait for a call from the store manager at Heathrow and they will 'discuss' with me what happens next.

    Are they serious? I mean, this is a faulty item, right? How can they tell me I can't return it?

    The trouble is, I live a way outside London and it costs a fortune to get in. I don't want to make an unnecessary trip if I'm just going to get turned away.

    Has anyone else had experience of this please?
  2. That's odd.
    Just take your item in and return it. Don't even mention the phone call.
  3. I read a couple of complain on here that others had their LE palm's item chipping off after a week or two owning it. I think your item is faulty, i know silkscreen eventually chip off but it should only be after a long period of usage. Take it back to your closest LV and ask for an exchange or refund.
  4. Unfortunately I'm not surprised to hear about the silkscreening chipping off since it's seems to be a common issue among the LE pieces, especially the palms and dots it seems, but the phone call is odd. It sounds like whoever was on the phone was trying to dissuade you from taking further action in the hopes that you would just give up and go away. Like Fabuleux suggested, just take your faulty item back to a LV store and have them either return or refund you or even try calling again and hope that the next CS rep has a far better attitude about the situation.
  5. Is there a pic? Sorry this is happening to you. Mine still seems to be in good order.
  6. Take it back with ur receipt and do it in the refund/exchange period. (Dont mention phone call like Fabuleux said) Quicker u take it the better. Like onmymind24seven says a few peeps on here have had issues with this piece, so there seems to be a prob with it. I would return or exchange it for something else.
  7. Thanks everyone, I did read that a few have had issues with this design. It was just such a brush off on the phone, I didn't want to make it to London, since it's miles away from me and costly to get there unnecessarily.
  8. I've returned the cosmetic pouch today, but they wouldn't exchange or refund, or give me a credit note. They have me a receipt for my item and told me someone would contact me about it. Is this normal?
  9. Can anyone advise please?

  10. Yes unfortunately this is how some store managers are. They will send pics of your item to be determined if it is faulty or regular wear and tear. I'm surprised with something only 2 weeks old they would do that to you. Sorry and good luck, I hope they make it right for you.
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