LV Fantasy

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  1. My friend was making fun of me for my love for LV recently. She came up with the funniest idea. She said: "I bet your dream proposal is having your future husband give you a personalized Speedy with your new initials! And with the ring inside the bag!" :wtf:

    What a great idea :yes:

    Just thought I'd share !

    If only...
  2. for a second i thought you meant the fantasie, which i LOVE, but is really pricey for being a cloth bag...

    but i like your engagement idea! i, too, told my fiancee (jokingly, sorta) that he should have put the ring inside an ipad2, inside an LV bag, inside a dyson, inside a new car. ;)
  3. Oh snicker! I love my Dyson!
  4. Haha - I love this!
  5. omg, i am rolling on the floor laughing!! great idea! and have that car parked inside a mansion while you're at it! hehe. :lolots:
  6. great idea! i will share it with my bf :biggrin:
  7. Wow that is actually a brilliant idea ! :P at least that would be my ideal proposal..
  8. A dyson? As in a vaccuum cleaner?! You do NOT want any man to give you an item which you clean the house with!! He might get ideas and expect you to clean!! LOL!! :biggrin:
  9. Great idea - shows he's thought about it and knows what you like!
  10. great idea!!
  11. OMG! i'm about to pee in my pants with that one :roflmfao: ....but still i would love a Dyson regardless. haha
  12. LOL! very true...

    and OP, are you expecting a ring in the near future?? how exciting!!
    which bag would you want it to come in? :smile:

  13. Great idea ;)
  14. yea great idea
  15. Perfect! Wish I had thought about this when I got engaged years ago! We are thinking of having a baby so maybe I could spin this idea to fit pregnancy/having a baby!