LV Fans: A question about apparel choices

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  1. Pretty soon, I plan to make my first LV purchase and it looks as if it will be a Popincourt Haut or a Petit Noe. I usually don't wear monogram accessories and I was wondering if you all ever felt restricted in your wardrobe selections when you wear monogram. Are monogram LV fans pretty much anti-pattern when it comes to clothing? (BTW, I rarely wear patterns, so it will be easy for me.) What colors do you usually wear when you were your LV monogram canvas bags? Since the pattern is so strong, do you find yourself dressing around the monogram?:lol:
  2. I am in jeans or black 99.5% of the time so it makes it easy for me to carry mono stuff (esp. when paired with denim).
  3. Hope you get the popincourt haut, it's my fave !

    And I don't really find that I dress around my bag, I usually wear very casual clothing with next to no graphics on them, so it's all good. I don't think there's really an issue with colours as well, unless you plan on wearing day-glo outfits !
  4. I never really feel restricted when I wear my monogramed stuff.I wear it with everything.
  5. I don't feel restricted either.. It goes with anything really!
  6. the mono is just so classy that it surpasses the need to cordinate exactly with the outfit.
  7. ROFL! One should never wera day-glo outfits! :lol:

    I wear whatever! I'm usually in yoga pants and a zip-up and I carry my monogram canvas all the time! MC is pretty compatible with everything!
  8. LV monogram is brown basically - it goes w/ everything!
  9. i agree with everyone, MM goes with everything! even if you're wearing jandals and shorts! hehehe!
  10. I wear mine with everything. Neutral goes with everything.
  11. im a retard - i'm getting all my words and letters mixed up.... good ole monogram!!!!!! goes with everything! :biggrin:
  12. definitely. monograms go with just about anything.
  13. I will wear it with everything.