LV family pics and LV saves the day!

  1. Soooo, I've been accused of living in hickville, which I'm okay with since I grew up watching Ellie Mae Clampett, and happen to think hicks are really nice people... so last night, I felt like hell, had on the most god awful sweats, no makeup hair like do-do and decided I needed to go to Dion's for a chef salad to go, grabbed mini lin, which had used for work; I walked into Dion's ordered my salad, and all of sudden the counter kids went nuts over my mini lin. The young girl was like, I like your purse gaga, then the guy was like, let me see your wallet, is it also LV; it wasn't (Isabella Fiore); but I was redeemed since I had my panda agenda; they were so happy to see my LV; and I was sooo happy to be noticed; and it fit with last weeks post about sweats and LV's, believe me, I NEVER wear sweats except to bed, this was a real occasion... so, when I was off, took some pics of my new closets and part of my family! Hope you enjoy, LV saved my day yesterday YAY!:yahoo:
    1st post My LV collection 004.jpg
  2. Here's some more, working on resizing...
    Post collection 1.jpg Post My LV collection 002.jpg 2nd post My LV collection 008.jpg
  3. what is not to love??
  4. And, here's small but truly loved grafitti; and all in new closets, which gf helped me install!!! hooray!
    Post grafitti My LV collection 007.jpg
  5. missed you the past few days vee! glad to see you are back.:heart:
    the pics are fab --that pomme lexington shines like no body's business front and center, huh? off bag!:p
  6. Wow!! You deserved the complement--such a gorgeous collection you've got there!
  7. awww. missed ya'll too, thanks so much everyone! LV people are truly SWEET! Isn't the noe like a cherry on top??? heehee
  8. le hick c'est chic! ;)
  9. quack quack!!! Tanks le duck!:heart:
  10. Nice collection! If you are a hick, then you'll be driving the city-dwellers out of town.
  11. great collection Vee, Lvoe the lexington! Ahh glad LV saved your day! xx
  12. Thanks luvapug! Love your fuschia neo, actually your whole avatar, nice schtuff!:heart:
  13. Great collection! I love how your purses are displayed; I need to get something like that going someday!
  14. Thanks Kitsunegirl, it's nice to have room in my new digs... just need to stay in control and not go hog wild...:wtf: if ya know what I mean...
  15. GOOD LUCK!