Lv fall winter 2012 collection

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether the Leopard North-South bag from the LV Fall Winter 2012 collection is a bag that's worth it. My guy friend wants to get it as well. Do you think he can use it too?
  2. I like the leopard, but I saw it in store and it looked really oversize to me. But if you like bigger bags, check it out. I thought the baby was super-cute :smile:
  3. Oh really? Thanks, I'll check it out. Although I think i don't match with the baby cuz its kinda small for me I think. Is the North South really that big? Is there a medium size?
  4. Yes there is a speedy size.
  5. yup, get the speedy size. the North/South is HUGE!
  6. ^ I agree although I did like the shape of the north/south.
  7. Yeah I saw that but I liked the North south Tote design. Sigh...guess thats the only size.
  8. YEAH I KNOW...THE DESIGN IS you think my guy friend can get it as well?
  9. If he will use it ..why not? I love how spacious it is inside:smile:
  10. The design doesn't look girly i guess
  11. I think the north south is gorgeous for both women and fabulous men! :graucho::graucho:
  12. YES INDEED!:smile:
  13. The north south is gigantic. I am 5'2" and it is a luggage sized bag for me.

    I was trying on the new bags last weekend! I love the leopard baby and speedy and the sunshine express bags. Sadly, I didn't buy any of them.
  14. Oh really? I am like 5 ft 10 so do you think that bag is still big for me?
  15. ^^ I don't really think the bag is big for your height but the print is loud and in a way the bag looks outstanding and hence, big?