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  1. Yep, hence the high price tag.
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  2. Again thanks for the close up visuals. :smile:
    Looking at this scam bag and my scam bag contraption I put together. I am loving mine more. :biggrin:

    I do however love the strap. :smile:
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  3. You knocked it out the park!!! :smile::smile:
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  4. It's pretty hard to render me speechless......these recent pics have done it. I.Just. Can't.
  5. Given that this below piece exists at $ 20k nothing should surprise us. I know it's not new, but it's a reminder that the upcoming offering could have been even worse.
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  6. What kind of dark sorcery is that? :shocked::sick::yucky:
  7. So it's not just me then.
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  8. Did I fall down a rabbit hole? At least there is plenty of bags to choose from for a mad tea party. Lol.
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  9. Now, if only I had time to plan an "LV met Alice in Wonderland and collided with Mary had a Little Lamb" themed party for my Friendsgiving.
    On the menu is lamb chops, lamb ragu, shepherd's pie.…get it?
  10. I meant more of a deep rich green like the Hermes Vert Fonce or Celine Amazone; khaki is obviously more of an olive green or as you stated military green. Either way interested to see what it looks like!
  11. This reminds me of jade referred to as moss in snow
  12. I recently saw some LV printed bath mats (obvs fake) when I was in Brazil. This is exactly what the Teddy collection reminds me of. :huh::shocked::-s
  13. Papillon Pop! :panic:
    66683682_870808163303034_4869999940138681839_n.jpg Credit to
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  14. I can see PETA protesting. I thought these large fashion houses came to an agreement to stop using fur on their products. This mess will be very hard to keep clean.
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