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  1. Fair point! Contrary to the name it’s received here I think it’s a reasonable price.

    Pochette $685
    Mini pochette $360
    Round coin purse $295
    Strap - no idea but I’d say $300?

    Total $1640 compared to the $2010 but of course you are paying for the convenience of being able to buy everything at once :P

    maybe that’s why LV has been limiting stock of all the pochettes and coin people would buy this instead when it’s released.

    I already have the pochette and mini pochette in monogram so this is a pass for me! I would buy in Damier though should they choose to release it (with a red strap!)
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  2. I am hoping it comes in Damier Ebene, I desperately want a PA in DE wish they had not discontinued in DE.
  3. Good price comparison! Yes, it's kind of pointless to get if you already have some of these SLGs.

    I did consider going preloved for a pochette accessoires alone (more expensive of course) as I do have 3 MP's, but the package with everything supplied in one shot seems better. The round coin purse with an exterior clip is better than a plain one IMO, transferable strap is always a plus and PA with the extra gold shoulder strap has great potential (for travel especially, organization use then dressed up for evenings).

    Hope they release a DE version for your needs:smile:
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  4. When I saw the pics in store it looked more like the left photo.

    Does anyone have the measurements? Is it actually the same size as the mini pochette and pochette accessories?

    I hope the strap hits the hip or longer, it actually looks like it'll be shorter than that though :/
  5. Over on the left hand side, is that a fuzzy Speedy? Looks like sheepskin :nuts:
  6. The strap is adjustable on one side. Per my CAs, the dimensions of the bags and RCP are the same as the existing ones.
  7. Ah, I just saw the pic again, the strap looks longer than I thought. Darn, was hoping the biggest bag was bigger than the PA - thanks for the info!
  8. Yes, that’s part of the Teddy collection, which will also be released in a beach bag, On the Go, and bum bag.
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  9. Yes. It’s crazy $$ though.

    C2635D55-55F0-4F82-B3BB-32621BAFBC55.jpeg 61EB7E83-42AB-434D-9A4A-23C587863F29.jpeg
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  10. OMG Love the fuzzy bags so freaking cute, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop petting it lol.
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  11. Is anything non-crazy coming out in September? The empreinte OTG is not until next year, right?
  12. My thoughts on the Teddy collection, hot mess express! It will absorb the smell of whatever environment it is stored. No, thank you!
  13. I agree!

    I asked hubby if we should go to the farm and donate the sheep wool to a store.... looks the same!
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