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  1. My pleasure!! :heart:
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  2. I LOVE it:heart:
    Thanks for posting these! Congratulations!
    I would love the pinkie color:smile: Although, I do love the khaki too!
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  3. I love the idea of putting the strap on a Speedy! Brilliant:smile:
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  4. So I have been busy. I seriously thought they names the bag the scam bag..... u was like that’s very fitting.
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  5. It appears the Multi Pochette in Kaki is very green.
  6. It’s more forest green than khaki that’s for sure. I really just want the pochettes & coin purse (unpopular opinion) not the strap or chain.
  7. @EmmJay
    Khaki in French refers to a darkish military green.
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  8. Hi! Yes, I understand. The green in the photo is more pronounced than the green in the stock photo. Either way, I’m here for it!!
  9. The left one looks better.
    Must see what it’s really like irl.
  10. I’ll eat my words. Seeing better photos of this green, I do think it pairs quite nicely with the monogram. I also prefer the one on the left. I still think they should’ve released a black/brown strap version though!

    The pink is quite nice as well.
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  11. This is supposed to be a permanent bag. I’m hoping that it will be offered in more colors, canvases, and leather variations.
    The rose gives me color transfer anxiety.
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  12. Does anyone know if there will be more empriente colours in the victorine?
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  13. Ugh another bag I need to add to my wishlist! I am loving the green strap!
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  14. The Multi pochette bag is $2010 CAD

    @karman Agreed, a black would've been nice but then everyone would just order that colour. Haha I know I would. I just can't decide between these 2 colours.

    Such an awesome concept for versatility - I'm just too lazy to stalk all these items separately:P
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  15. 886B44A3-DB42-445E-87D5-A205A3698610.jpeg I’m happy for those who got their jungle fix. I’m not really a fan but this one from a few years ago worked for me as there isn’t any logo print (apart from the tag) that makes it inconspicuous to undiscerning eye and blends well with neutral colours
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