LV Fall 2006 bag ID request...

  1. I know I'm late on this but I just joined tPF hoping someone could tell me whether this bag went into production and where I might have a hope of finding it...I'm lemming it so bad and I am NEVER like this about a bag LOL :love:

    The first pic with the long shift dress is the actual bag I'm looking for. It's a simple clutch with a flap closure, the lock fixes into the LV rivet nameplate. The second shot is posted for the close up value so you can see the fabric of the bag (satin with the clover logo in lace), but it's not the actual bag I want, it's posted just for reference.

    Can anyone help me get a name for this clutch and point me in the direction of sanity?? Thank you!!!!!!
    Louis clutch 2.jpg Louis clutch bag.jpg
  2. Gemma? That's not gemma ward is it? if so, she sure looks different!

    Sorry, no help
  3. No, not Gemma, I just edited because I got it wrong.

    1 Gemma Ward = 10,000 Sasha Pivovarovas LOL
  4. sorry, never actually produced.
  5. Yeah that one was never made.
  6. I wish it woulda been produced... it's a beauty!
  7. Agreed ! :love:
  8. It looks great! Wish that it had been produced.
  9. Unfortunately not gemma, I heart her so much....I can't believe she's my age! (20)! If I were a woman, I would so be her or Daria Werbowy...
  10. Oh bollocks!!! I was so hoping that I would be able to find it. :crybaby:

    Thanks anyways!!