LV fake at Prada... mum's getting mad!

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  1. Oh.... I hate these people.... Two weeks ago my mother and I were shopping at Prada in Munich.... We had like the same experience.... There were two women carrying definetely faked LV bags (no 36 colors, old bags but no Patina and the monogram wasn't upside down on no side)....
    Guys, you should've seen my mother... she really got upset, she runs her own business since years, and she is a proud LV "carryer"... seeing people trying to look rich with that faked stuff just makes her mad so she started yelling at them like "What the hell do you think you are? I am running my own business since years and it took me quite a while to be able to afford my first LV bag.... And you guys think to make yourselves part of our "world" with flying to greece and get these really bad fakes for like 20 Euros.... You are a shame to all proud LV buyers and Lovers.... and take it from me, carrying a fake makes you look ridiculous not glamourus!!!!"

    That was kind of funny, because the SA's even started to laugh..... AND the store manager realized it, and he knows my mum since years and he made the two women leave with the explanation that they probably do not even intent to buy something instead of getting inspiration to buy the next faked designer goodie.....
    Those people are horrible....
    But sometimes I wonder whether it is not even a compliment for LV ... ? Probably not anymore.....
  2. i hate fakes with a passion too. but i don't get too affected by others carrying fakes. these people are not worth the time, stress and bother.
  3. can we not have a thread for every TIME someone sees a fake?

    obviously they're out there, so we're bound to be stuck seeing them A LOT unfortunately.

    also, attacking someone for carrying a fake is ridiculous as well as a total waste of time.
  4. I feel really bad for the women carrying the fakes. Perhaps they haven't have the opportunity to make themselves "part of the world" your Mother has worked so hard to enter. It's awesome that she has worked hard to get where she is and that she appreciates the worth of such luxury goods by doing so, but not everyone has the same access to education or has the opportunity to start a business, which invariably costs a lot of money.

    If there's a perception out there that LV is for snotty-nosed rich people, your Mother's petty actions have pretty much proven that to be the case.

    Besides, on the other hand those poor ladies may not have even known their bags were fake, they might have been gifts! Not everyone lives and breathes LV as many members on this forum do. Live and let live. It's not the end of the world, and her indignation was nowhere near worth the cost of humiliation to those poor women.
  5. wth is "part of our world" supposed to mean?

    part of the 29342983492348293424 women walking around the lv bags? super exclusive, eh?
  6. goes to show that one can buy authentic LV, but not everyone can buy class. i doubt if this story even happened.
  7. Are you kidding me? Why would I lie telling this..... I mean.... I know my mother's right, but I would never ever attack somebody like that.... And yes, my mother is a bit arogant in those cases... Anyway, I did not write "part of the world", what she meant was something like that people are pretending to be somebody they are not at all... like a pseudonym.. whatever....
    No clue what's your opinion.... but I don't think that we have to spend these high prices and other people simply get a faked thing for not even half the actual price.....
  8. mmm poor woman with so little education sorry but I am talking about your mother.
  9. True or false, there's quite a few sceptical people on this forum. I'm sorry you had to find out the hard long as you know it's true and understand your Mother, that's all that matters :yes:
  10. What strange advice.. that doesn't sound at all like what matters! And finding out the hard way that there are "quite a few sceptical people" here? What, do you think her thread has unwittingly uncovered a secret clave of certified, card-carrying sceptics hanging out here?! :huh:

    Whether others believe it or not isn't much important in the slightest, as either way they surely posted the story to get a response, and a response they've got (albeit it doesn't seem like the one they were hoping for)! There doesn't seem much else to understand about the situation or that person's mother...
  11. oh my... I sorta feel sorry for those women.
  12. Sounds like mom was having a "bad" day....
  13. Is there not a "fakes stories" thread already out there for this subforum? Might not be a bad idea to have one that won't get lost after a few weeks, considering the number of posts about fakes that pop up. I wouldn't advocate it personally but it might not be a bad idea if people aren't worried about discouraging others about posting fake sightings
  14. I've been in Holt's and watch a women from a distance at the prada counter with a fake LV.. OI! I'll never understand it.
  15. I feel bad for the ladies who were carrying the fakes
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