LV Factory Store in NY

  1. When i was on my way home from Woodbury Common Outlet today i was wondering what Louis Vuitton would do with bags that have minor flaws? Then a friend of mine in the car told me that Louis Vuitton has a store located somewhere at Madison Avenue in New York that sells bag with minor errors. I was doubting her at first, but she even told me that she's been there and bought several bags. She said that those bags are markdown to 20-30% off from retail price. Is this possible? I mean i have never heard of things like that with LV, any suggestion? :confused1:
  2. poppycock! :rolleyes:
  3. Thank you, i was trying to tell her the same that LV doesn't have outlets, but she kept on resisting that it has. I didn't want to argue but it made me upset. Then again, what does LV do with bags that have minor errors?
  4. ^They're sent back to LV and sold at the once a year sale for employees (and are then stamped with an O on the heat stamp to denote that they were sold to an employee). All items that do not sell here, which are VERY few since they're sold at substantial discounts, are destroyed.
  5. if LV does that wouldnt everyone be buyin their bags from that outlet? hmmmm..
  6. I am not sure but I think they destroy them.
  7. good point:tup:
  8. I lived in Manhattan on 79th and Park for two years and never once heard a PAP or anyone else for that matter speak of this "mysterious" store on Madison. Maybe she just got confused?
  9. More likely than not, this mysterious outlet store is selling replicas.
  10. Agreed, this is NOT true! I wouldn't really want a messed up bag anyway!
  11. NOT true!
  12. Thanks everyone, do you think i should tell her? Even if i told her would she believe me?
  13. i wouldn't waste my time. let her believe what she wants. she'll soon find out the truth one way or another.
  14. Suggest to go get heatstamping together. =P or something like that. :upsidedown: