LV factories(the real ones)

  1. A funny little thing came into my mind while looking this forum..

    I wonder how the LV factories look like,where our LV bags and accessories are made.

    In my head it looks like in Charlie and the chocolate factory.....but with LV goodies then candy and chocolate!

    What are your ideas of the factories where our stuff are made?

    I know there are 3 locations,France,Spain and USA.

  2. I got the same idea as you got!!! their are also factories in Italy and Germany!
  3. I found a picture on google of a LV factory but i dont know which country from.
  4. There are vids on showing them working inside the workshops :smile: I love to watch them over and over lol
  5. Me too hahaha
  6. I would drool being in an LV factory :p
  7. Here's a few more pics:




  8. that's interesting... they don't look Asian at all :s :confused1:

  9. :nuts::lol:
  10. its the most beautiful thing EVER!
  11. ha.. ha.. you're funny :lol:
  12. I agree with Matt!
  13. being in the factory is like being in the delivery room waiting for the new birth! haha

    I rememeber on the old site they had a video, it showed a worker stitching up a black le fab and I MELTED right in the chair, it was BEAUTIFUL! then they took a q-tip to polish the hardware

  14. Wow... so everything is really handmade :wlae: