LV Eyecandy or not...

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  1. [​IMG]

    I found this in an old issue of vogue...just thought I'd share it with you all! If you can't read the's made of shark, stingray, and dogfish and goes for $21,000!

    random: I hate stingrays and I'd hate to have a bag made by one or any sea animal for that matter. It's just creepy to me I got stung by one while I was surfing in Sand Diego!! ugh!!
  2. erm..

    not sure if i'll buy that.. Looks awful from the picture.
  3. does that say $21,000?! *fainting*
  4. It's a little too busy for my taste. The price tag is way to steep, espically for a bag that small.
  5. It's ridiculously impractical and out of any average person's price range, but I like it, very unique
  6. Thats a NOT for me.
  7. unique, but for 21K? i'll pass.
  8. ummm, i'd say Nah, no way not for that price unless i was a serious collector of LV!
  9. I remember Art Deco. I thought it was different but, not for me.
  10. Cute but not for that price.
  11. I like it but not for that price.
  12. I wouldn't pay $20 for it, much less $21,000. I love LV, but not that one. There's not a bag on earth I'd pay even close to that much to own.
  13. It's def. very art deco, I love anything deco! Just fabulous, but definitely pricey.:amazed:
  14. ummm, no no no
  15. Nay for me.
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