LV Eye Miss You

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  1. I've always found the "Eye" ones a little freaky :huh:

    I like the design of this onw though, cute with the bow.
  2. I LOVE that bag!!!
  3. That's a really good deal on an eye bag, considering how much they were going for when they first came out !
  4. I'm not a fan of this one either. :shame:
  5. Let-trade is real right? I remember someone on here said it suppose to be real.
  6. ^^^Yes, they are!!!
  7. Yes, 100% Authentic items, always.
  8. I also find that the "eye" freaks me out!
  9. omgoodness! i knew that they were called that but i never realized there were actual eyes on the purse! haha
  10. OMG.. those eyes are hideous!! They are so ugly just like the panda line.. only the cherries were decent looking. 2 bad, because that bag would have been perfect, the detailing and shape are adorable.
  11. Cute bag, love the bows!
  12. I didn't know they had that print!