LV eye candy for everyone! (**PICS**)

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  1. No I did not get a new bag...yet. :lol:
    I did get something LV in the mail today though; my cousin in Hong Kong sent me two humongous Japanese magazines with lots of designer stuff in it and one of them was 95% dedicated to LV!! So, I've taken some pics with my camera so you can all see...sorry for the quality; I didn't feel like using my scanner, which would take hours to scan all these pictures!

    Enjoy! :smile:

    1) My fav page first: CB and I Love you series
    2) For Cerises lovers
    3) I LOVE the little pochette charm!! I've never seen it before!! But it costs over $1,000 :wtf:
    4) I think this is the only bag that I like from the Charms collection
    5) Damier Ellipse...SO?

  2. More...

    1) Mandarin, anyone?
    2) & 3) LE
    4) This bag seems to solve the vachetta problem...
    5) MC heaven

  3. More...

    1) Something from the men's line?
    2) Miroir Alma
    3) Mizi and Klara :drool:
    4) Panda collection
    5) Artistic photo with lots of rainbow.

  4. Ooo cool! Thanks for posting!! :smile:
  5. So pretty, thanks for posting these!
  6. omg!! thanks for the great post! love the papillon eye candy!!
  7. wow I love those magazines. I got a couple from my friend's mom who works at a hotel here but it was a couple month old issue. It was a fat magazine with other brands though-chanel, balenciaga, dior, etc. There was also a bargain find magazine or something that had consignment shops and what they had/prices. I just like looking at the pictures of the bags! lol.
  8. 1) SO bags...mono Nolita, Damier Spontini...and a million-yen SO crocodile bag??? :wtf:
    2) Speedys...everyone will love THIS pic! :P
    3) Trapeze PMs....Mmmm :drool:
    4) Trompe L'oeil bags

  9. love the key
  10. I love those books. I wish they did that here in the states.
  11. OHH NICE!! Thanks for posting!
  12. love them..very nice eye candy pics..
  13. I love that key also.

    Thanks for posting.
  14. Thank You!
  15. Very nice, thanks for sharing Karmen!
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