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  1. How exclusive is the cowhide trim on the monogram canvas? Are we really getting bags that are made of high quality material?
  2. I don't know the answer to your question but personally I don't care . I buy LV for the design and how it looks on me. I by Bottega for leather quality, both will last equally as long and will get the same amount of use over the years. LV monogram is just Canvas after all, right? The point is that the design house is timeless and sooooo wearable!
  3. I do not think that the trim is some amazing leather though it is nice how it tans over the years with wear. High quality material- Star3777 is right it is just canvas with a coating, nothing fancy particularly but the designs of LV are chic and timeless. I do not know the facts about the materials but I do know that how they are made and put together is a fine art in itself. The LV bags last for years and can take quite a bit of abuse and still hold up (I know from having so much of the luggage). However some of the LV bags are made from materials that are i guess you call "exclusive". Like ostrich trim,etc..

    Star - I totally agree BV bags are bought for quality. I was looking at them just yesterday at NM and touched one- like butter!!! Amazing. I do not have any of their bags yet but as I get older and my taste grow beyond name and more towards quality I am wanting one so bad, My mother has several that I had browed one before, I think I may want to get my hands on that again! OH and I love your new BV bag- it is perfection!
  4. for LV, I don't think that you're paying as much for the materials as for the craftsmanship. I mean, they stay together through abuse for so long because they've been well put together. In terms of the special vachetta, I just compare it to the naturally tanning leather that Coach uses; LV's vachetta is unbelievably suceptible to the elements, so yes, I would say it is of higher quality definitely.
  5. I would say its high quality material. I've seen LV monogram trunks on eBay from the 1900's that are still in good condition.

    I wonder how much "better" LV is than say a Dooney and Bourke It bag. I have one and its the coated canvas w/vachetta leather trim- so what makes LV better? I don't know.

    I do know that I like my LV bag better than my Dooney, though- I'm planning to sell it soon on eBay. :lol:
  6. I think the bags are made of high quality material relative to that of less expensive bags. As mentioned previously the craftsman ship is top shelf also :biggrin: I wouldn't say they necessarily use the best materials, but they certainly aren't the worst either.

  7. I agree, I think they truly are some of the most durable bags out there--a great investment. I am another lover of the Mono design and its iconic status.
  8. Hey! I personally believe that the Vuitton natural cowhide (aka- vachetta leather) is of higher quality than that of Coach or Dooney & Bourke. I have had two Coach wallets with Vachetta interiors, and they have not tanned nearly as much as I thought they would (nor nearly as much as Vuitton's do). I am not too sure of myself though. I bought my mother a Coach Optic Signature satchel in yellow for mothers day (this bag has Vachetta trim), and the leather did turn much darker than that of my wallet, but still not nearly as dark as Vuitton's natural cowhide. Is the darkening process a true indicator of quality, this I can only hypothesize on, and my guess is: yes.