LV experts - please help!

  1. Hi! I am still relatively new here - and still an LV virgin. My husband has promised me an LV wallet for my birthday this year. It has yet to come into the store (Zippy wallet, epi leather) but it's as good as bought. Now I have issued to myself a challenge. I just had my third (and last) baby, a boy, six months ago. Since my reproductive years are behind me, I am rip-roaring to get my body back. So I've promised myself an LV handbag to wrap around my LV wallet once I achieve my goal weight. I need more incentive than just trimmer thighs...

    Anyhoo - here's my question to all you LV experts: BUT before I get to it - can someone tell me just what the hell is vachetta?)

    I love LV purses - thanks to all you I think it has the potential to turn into a bit of an obsession. Because I have 3 kids, I need a decent sized purse. I like the monogram canvas, however I can't stand how much it's knocked off. I need something that I can use Every Day - so it has to be a shoulder bag. No short handles for me. I also need a zipper top - to avoid all my stuff falling out. I really like the MC, but I just think it might be a bit too trendy - and also I feel a bit old for it. Ditto with the denim... although I looove the denim, I want something I can carry everywhere, and I can't do denim if I am a bit 'dressed up'.

    Basically I want the handbag equivalent of diamond stud earrings. Never out of style, appropriate everywhere from the grocery store, to the gym, to a wedding... you know what I mean??

    So what is the right bag for me?
  2. Vachetta is leather.

    Perfect bags for you:

    Saleya MM

    Popincourt Haut.
  3. Tough order! Since you feel that way about the mono canvas I recomend Damier. You don't have to worry about patina-the darkening of the leather (vachetta). Here is my suggestion. It's a good price, has the zip and is the larger size. I also feel you could wear it almost anywhere!?! Just my suggestion!

    It is the Damier Illovo MM

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  4. I think the Damier line or the Epi line will be best b/c it has the dark colors to hide some staining vs. the MOnos. The style of bag really depends on what you like.....

    You can check all the lines on or which also has pricing infos. :smile:
  5. Something in damier or epi! Damier is really awesome, you can dress it up or down. I just love epi because it wears really well and lasts FOREVER...and it's very subtly stylish...
  6. Damier speedy, maybe? I love that bag.
  7. I love the look of the speedy - but the short handles prevent over-the-shoulder tossage - and that's a drawback for me. It's so jaunty and cute to hold a bag at the corner of the elbow, but that's not practical for my lifestyle. I am also not a great fan of the damier line... I wish I could love it because it's not faked, it's kinda growing on me... and Epi gets quite expensive in the bags...

    I'm appreciating all suggestions! Keep them coming!!
  8. Damier or Mono Speedy 30 or for pure sophistication the Damier ALMA gets my vote for a bag for grown up LV girls.

  9. Noe
  10. I'd suggest the Epi Passy GM or the Damier Saleya
  11. i would go with the coussin GM,it looks smaller IRL but its actually quite roomy.And it looks good on everybody :biggrin:
  12. I vote for Viva Cite GM... love the bag and I think it looks GREAT everywhere, with everything! Good luck!
  13. What about the Lockit Horizontal?