lv experts please help!

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  1. Hi guys! Totally new here and need advice! I ordered a new speedy and want to protect it and make it last. I already have a Delightful and was careless and now patina is dark and dirty. I never treated the bag cause was scared and was confused about all the info out there. Now I'm trying to learn from past mistakes but found myself once again super confused as to what to do with new vachetta leather. I don't want to dry it out but I also read conditioning might make it attach dirt.
    Thanks so much for help!
  2. Do nothing to it.
  3. Yes, that's basically what you suppose to do with it. However, do clean it with a clean white cloth from time to time to avoid dirt build up.
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  4. Do a search you’ll see other threads on this. I do nothing to my bags.
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  5. Do nothing but keep in mind not putting your bag on dirty surfaces.
  6. Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate your input :smile:
  7. I’m a big fan of Apple Guard. Scary to use the first time, but I’ll never go without it on any future bag. Color stays same (after it dries) and still patinas beautifully.
  8. Thank you for help! Have you ever used a pretreatment on new vachetta? Loving my bags I believe ? Do you ever condition your bags?
  9. Yes I am in shock when I see designer bags on dirty floors or even on a sandy beach for that matter.
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  10. I’ve been reading to keep your bags in the dust bags they come in.
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  11. BA39088E-286D-4509-AE43-B9EAEF0D422F.jpeg C7E7C270-0A1C-409A-8833-81A66E4F0E34.jpeg 019A45B7-DDE2-45B5-9BB6-9F8BE66EF17E.jpeg
    Yes I use Apple Guard on brand new Vachetta. The Speedy is about a year old now and has been used a ton, looks brand new and is also developing a beautiful, even patina. The PM is maybe 9-10 months old and also used constantly. They’ve both been caught in unexpected rain. I use leather conditioner on full-leather bags if they’re dry (I just conditioned a Chanel Reissue and it looks so so fabulous!) I completely respect the expertise of everyone who recommends leaving them alone, and that is the official recommendation from LV (and Chanel), but water-marked and dirty vachetta is NOT for me. If it is something you are interested in, Shea Whitney has a great video on YouTube about it. Again, it’s not recommended by the fashion houses, but it gives me great peace of mind with my expensive bags.
  12. Your bags look AMAZING! That's how I would like to keep mine. When I first got my Delightful i was very young so i treated it carelessly. I was very uneducated about leather care. Do you condition your speedy when it's older or you do it on regular basis? And do you ever notice the dirt being attracted to it more after conditioning ?
    PS I know im guilty of neglecting my Delightful but im attaching the pics of what im trying to avoid lol

    1215181807a.jpg 1215181807.jpg
  13. Thank you! Yours looks great—that handle looks perfectly even! The very first day I got my Speedy I touched a water glass and touched my handle. I could have died! (first world problems) So I let it sit for about a week and didn’t have the heart to carry it. Watched the videos, read a ton, ordered the Apple Guard and nearly had a heart attack during the process (it is NOT for the faint of heart). However, within just a few minutes my bag was exactly the same as before I sprayed it and I was able to get out the water spot (that’s another story). That was about a year ago and I haven’t done anything except carry her since. When I got my PM, I sprayed Day One! Lol I wanted that bag so bad and I didn’t want to risk even a drop of water! Please don’t let me talk you into it—look up and read all the threads on here. Many people are against it. (I’m not one of them :smile:
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  14. Thank you so much ! I am awaiting my speedy any second now with the UPS and i think I will definitely spray with the Apple Guard. However i am not sure about using the Loving my bags protection treatment for my new speedy but i think i will end up cleaning my delightful with it. I sooo appreciate you sharing your experience !!!
  15. I understand not wanting to soil vachetta trim before a bag's time, but I don't understand the obsession with buying bags with unfinished leather and then doing everything possible to artificially preserve the untanned, fleshy pink color of the material when it is unused. There are so many bags out there that don't use vachetta, and there are leathers like saffiano that were designed to be water repellant and easy to care for. Apple Garde is a good product that I use on some bags myself, but it's best to think of leather care products like skincare - they can slow down the ravages of time, but they're not meant to stop the clock.

    To the OP, I hope you enjoy your bag and acheive the look you are going for, but remember to enjoy the bag for the materials that LV chose to make it in, and take any patina it may develop in stride :flowers:
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