LV Experts!! Need help on what will be my next baby!

  1. HOLA!! June 2nd was my 29th b-day!:amuse: ,and my husband wants to take me to the LV Boutique to buy my present, but I have a little huge problem,I can´t decide for one, I WAN´T THEM ALL!!!!!! I already have a Monogram Cabas Piano, a monogram demi baggy pm, a black epi croisette pm and a monogram pochette.:yes:, I want to make my mind to go for the right one!!! Will you help me to choose one?
    Thank you girls!

  2. Welcome. How about something from the vernis line. It is so pretty in real life!!! Or, you can't go wrong with another from the mono line. Good luck and post pics when you get it!!
  3. I suggest an epi Speedy or epi Jasmin. Both are gorgeous bags!
  4. Do you have a favourite line?
    How about a Multic. or a Damier piece?
  5. I love my Batignolles Horizontal. You might want to check it out.
  6. I got one yesterday and I love it. I think it's a really great classic piece.:biggrin:
  7. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sure I will post you pics this afternoos, as soon I decide!!!!!
  9. All of the pieces you currently have are so different in style that I can't pick up a pattern to give advice as to what you should buy next! What are the top 5 you've been eyeballing? What's hubby's price range?
  10. Welcome!:flowers: GREAT collection you have! I would suggest to mix in some color (how about something in mandarin epi or red vernis?).:idea:
  11. You can never go wrong with a Speedy. Wether it be Damier, Mono, Denim, Mulitcolore or Epi. Its a Clean cut classic bag.

    I think you need some color for the summer maybe try the Audra. Very Chic.

    But my Ulitmate must have bag is the Alma esp. in Multicolore. Its timeless shape is one of the things I look for in Bags (well for my mom :lol:)

    Hope I helped a bit.:biggrin:

    P.S I tryed to post pictures but I used the <img src""> method and it didnt work?
  12. the good thing!!!! there is no price range!
  13. i love your collection! maybe the damier speedy or something from the suhali or epi line?
  14. Ok girls!!! I think I&#180;ll go for a speedy!!!, Now help me to choose which speedy, I hope while I'm in the boutique I don&#180;t change my mind after all this! haha
  15. Mandarin or Red Epi speedy!!!:love: