LV experts, is this fixable???

  1. Do you think with the baby wipe technique that these handles can clean up some or is it a lost cause???

  2. I would think that magic eraser would be good for that. Then condition it.
  3. magic eraser will clean it up little bit or you can just replace it..
  4. I am not a fan of the Magic Eraser at all, in my experience it dries out the handle & removes the sheen. For small spots it would be OK, but not on the whole handle IMO. I think that handle would benefit from wipes, the bag has a nice patina on the tabs.

    Bags, do you ME often, am I just not doing it right?
  5. Probably better to have the vachetta replaced.
  6. Ah, you were one of the luck Speedy buyers on Let-Trade - which Speedy did you go with, as least to me from the photo it looks like a speedy -their photos are generally dark, I am sure it will look lighter when you get it in person, if you haven't already! Enjoyy!!@
  7. OOoohh...generally, I love fixing up bags myself, but I think this is way too dark. You might have to get them replaced...I don't think it'll be too expensive for just handles.
  8. Thanks everyone. I went ahead and got it cuz I know it would go fast, it was too good of a price! I'll try baby wipes and then magic eraser and if all else fails I just might have to replace the handles.

    Does anyone know how much that will run?

    Oh and I can't seem to find lock and keys on elux? Anyone know how much those run?

    Thanks again!
  9. you can just replace it it is not so expensive
    I mean it doesn't cost like a new bag
    because speedy and keepall handels are quite hard to clean in my experience
  10. Oh...I didn't know they can replace the handles! You know I always worry the handles will get darken so I don't use my mono bags often. Will they do it for all the bags?
  11. I know charleston-mom has done this (she also did the chads, too). I think it costs around $145...

    lock and key costs about $25.
  12. I had some handles replaced on one of my speedys, it was $72 each handle if I can recall. If you get a good price the repairs are well worth it. If you got the speedy I think you did (I was looking at it too :smile:) it's fairly new and you can always darken up the new handles enough so that everything matches.
  13. it's better to replace them
  14. You could always try, then if it doesn't work, get them replaced. Plus it's always nice to have one broken in bag you can just knock around and not worry!
  15. I think you should replace the handles! :yes: