LV Experts: Is Shoshanna carrying a red Alma...

  1. its a red epi alma
  2. It looks like she has a red epi alma. It looks great on her!
  3. Definitely looks like one to me:yes:
  4. :love: that Alma!
  5. Thanks!
  6. who is she?
  7. I only know of her because she used to date Jerry Seinfeld. I think she has a clothing line now.
  8. oh ok :smile: she looks nice with this epi alma.
  9. Yes, she does! I think she is very nice looking girl with a geat sense of style!:yes:
  10. Love that epi Alma
  11. Epi Almas are gorgeous & she looks good too. I know she made some cute clothes a while ago.
  12. oh thanks for this! I was just asking in another thread for pix of folks wearing epi almas! it does look great!
  13. yes she is very good looking, I love her name . Shoshanna is a jewish name.

    Off topic:
    I saw a movie with a girl named Shoshanna Boutboul she is french and jewish sepharadic. The name of the movie is "la verite si je mens" "the truth is I lie" it was hilarious!:lol:
  14. I love seeing pics of Shoshanna; I think she's so pretty. I love the fact that she looks healthy and not deathly skinny-looking.
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