1. i just got a speedy 25 for my birthday but i'm having doubts about it. it was a gift from my aunt who lives in germany. it looks pretty authentic to me except for one thing i'm really questioning. the tag where on the exterior where it says "made in France" the "F" supposed to lower or upper case? i dunno...someone tell me please.
  2. Is the Speedy brand new? I've seen a few vintage LV bags that has the "F" in lower case... but if it's brand new... the "F" has to be upper cased. I hope this helps... :oh:
  3. Posting pics will help.
  4. i would but my brother has my digi cam. this sucks. maybe i should bring it into a Louis boutique.
  5. check inside the bag for serial number
  6. I agree with John. It would help if you posted some pics though. V
  7. Yup - bring it to a boutique so you can find out for sure. Good luck!
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