LV Experts: Did LV ever make this wallet? (Description inside)

  1. A friend of mine has a LV Mono canvas wallet. I has the French coin purse on the outside and when it opens it has a lot of credit card slots and a MIRROR inside. It is sort of rectangular like a checkbook wallet.

    Did LV ever make a wallet like this? I don't want to ask her if it's fake... :shame:
  2. I am thinking fake. I can't recall any mono wallets with mirror inside.
  3. I saw a wallet like this on eBay and it was fake. I don't think they ever made a wallet with a mirror inside, but of course, maybe it could be vintage. Need some experts!
  4. It sounds like something they should implement, but I have never seen one with a mirror inside, either.
  5. It seems old. At least 5-7 years I think.
  6. hmmm....i dunno, but maybe your friend PUT the mirror inside? cuz I know that I have a mirror (yanked it out of a compact lol) and I often squish it into the ID holder part of a wallet.....
  7. I've seen a lot of fake French purses on eBay and some of them have the mirror (covered by a flap, right? Or if not, the mirroir is EMBEDDED into the wallet?)...AND a yellow "authenticity card" (which, ironically, means it's fake since real LV wallets don't have an ugly bright yellow authenticity card)
    I don't believe the French purse was ever made with a I'm guessing, it's probably fake!

    Edit: Like this one here? The flap on the right opens to the mirror?

    eBay: Louis Vuitton Wallet 'French Purse' Style (item 280022516001 end time Sep-03-06 19:32:22 PDT)
  8. I don't recall LV ever having a wallet with a mirror attached inside.
  9. Did you ever figure out if this wallet is authentic? I have one also that I purchased on eBay, has box, dustbag and a flap area with a mirror. On the actual flap is where the LV info is stamped. I have many LV's and this really looks and feels authentic to me. But, is it?
  10. Hi, you could ask for authentication in the LV Shopping section,

    re-post (in a reply) here:

    Add ebay info, see first post. Good luck.
  11. Hmmmm....I've never seen an LV wallet with a mirror inside.
  12. Um no - that would be 100% fake.
  13. Many years ago, when I was young and stupid (teenager), I had the wallet you're describing... absolutely fake. Mine came from a mall cart for like $10.
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