LV experts-can you give me your opinions on this CB bag?

  1. Can you ask for a better picture of the screws? I can't see if they have 4 points or 6 points.
  2. I am assuming you mean the one's that fasten the flap on, right?
    Sorry, I am a novice to the LV thing.
  3. I don't have this bag, but do you see how in the third picture, the stamped LV is not centered under the hardware. Not sure if that's a deal breaker, but that is what I saw right off.
  4. I guess it would be the screw backs ~ the ones that are above the LV stamping in the 3rd picture. They should have 6 points on them. The font is questionable too at this point for me. Is this a reputable seller?
  5. Well, I don't see any suspicious feedback. She has sold designer goods before and her feedbacks are not private. She is not in the mypoupette group that I know of.
  6. The "Louis Vuitton" stamp looks good to me, and I think that the screws are 6-pointed ones. The 6 points are most obvious in the bottom two screws. I'm pretty sure it's authentic!
  7. Whew!! that's a relief.
    Should I take it to LV when it comes in to make sure? There is nothing about all sales being final on there.
  8. I would take it just to be sure.
  9. Will do, I would prefer not to have an embarrassing moment while shopping one day or any other time.
  10. It's real.
  11. It's Beautiful!
  12. the CB is cute...I prefer the cerises though...
  13. Looks good :biggrin:
  14. It looks good to me. V