LV expertise needed....Is this true?

  1. I just read in the "LV Trivia" thread that only 1% of the LV monogram handbags are authentic. What exactly does this mean.....that there is a 99% chance that some of my monogram bags are not?

    I own several pieces, and often feel that they appear a little off at that the monogram varies from others.

    I own an Ellipse bag, and the monogram canvas appears quite dark, whereas, my speedy 35 and other flexible bags that adorn the monogram canvas tends to look light. I feel as though the Ellipse is more real than the others....even though all came from a boutique.

    I have even held these bags together just to see if things are different, and they are. I cherish my bags dearly, and have become obsessed with the colors. I even went ahead and purchased a speedy 30 a year ago. Though it has tanned nicely, it too differs from all the other monogram canvas bags that I own.

    What I am trying to get at is this: Is it because of Mass production that only 1% of monogram bags are authentic...or did I read that thread wrong (LV Trivia)?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you bought from a boutique you have NOTHING to worry about.
    What that means is that 1 out of every 100 bags you see on the street are actually authentic because LV is a very popular brand with counterfeiters and purchasers of fake handbags.
  3. it means of all the LV bags in the world only 1% are the real deal at some point purchased from the LV stores the other 99% are conterfeit i.e not made by LV
  4. if you bought them in a boutique, they MUST be real. i understood it to mean that 99% of the bags you see on the street are fake, not that 99% of mono's are fake. hope this helps!
  5. Thanks heart was racing there for a minute, lol!

    I work hard, that's all. And I fully expect to get my money's worth.
  6. Agreed with the pp. Boutique items are guaranteed authentic, and there are reputable resellers like let-trade and some ebayers who sell authentic items, too. But because LV is such a popular brand, street vendors and purse parties have scads of them. So of all the bags floating around with an LV symbol, only 1% were actually made by LV and not a counterfeiter.
  7. that "only 1% of LV are authentic" statement isn't exactly factual, it isn't based on some actual survey.
  8. I TOTALLY agree:yes:

    MY guess is 10% of LV bags are real in the world......:sweatdrop:
  9. :yes: