!!lv Expert Help!!

  1. :yes: Hi,everybody.I have a question about Louis Vuitton Multicolore speedy keep all 45 Black.:confused1: What's the colour of interior black MC speedy keep all 45???I saw a 2003 one has khaki interior colour,is it authentic???Is there any interior colour difference between the 2003 MC black line and the recent MC black line??:sos:
  2. In all styles, white MC has raspberry alcantra lining and the black MC has dark beige-y/tan alcantra lining.
  3. Thank you for response!:yes: So the one have khaki interior might be a counterfeit.......:sad:
  4. If it's the one you posted in the authenticity thread, not to worry. It's real. The reason why the interior is different is probably due to the lighting. ;)
  5. Thank you,you are so kind.............:drinkup: