LV Exotic Watercolor Aquarelle

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  1. Hi all, I've been drooling over the exotic water color Speedy for quite sometime and debating if I should get one.

    Since I'm very novice I will ask very silly question and please don't laugh at me and please forgive my english too :shame::shame:

    ok here is my question how limited is the exotic one? how hard to get it now and for those who has it will you let me know how you get it ? :Push: Is it worth it ? :sweatdrop: please please help me here .. I want the vacheta one but since it's only come in size 35 which I believe is to big for me It make me keep on thinking on the exotic one.

    I didn't see much discussion over the exotic one therefore I dare my self to ask:sweatdrop::wondering
    thank you all in advance.

  2. make your choice soon before they are all gone! go to your local stores and asked if its still possible to be waitlisted!
  3. As far as I know the exotic is very limited, so even if you're just still wondering you should probably still go and waitlist - you don't necessarily have to buy it when you waitlist, and then at least you'll have the option!
  4. Saw both of them in Saks NY today on display - you might want to call them
  5. Actually I already put my name on the waiting list at LV in SF, but the SA there told me that since the bag is just come out there should be another shipment coming in so just wait.

    Somehow I'm not so sure about that. I've try to call the LV Customer Service but they say I have to contact the store directly and put my name on the waiting list and the customer service put my name again on the waiting list that closest to my place which is SF.

    That's why I dare my self to ask on the forum about the exotic. Since I'm not sure and can't see the bag in person I want to make sure that I will make a right decision. Should I wait or should I go crazt but where and is it worth it. How limited is the bag ? are they as limited as bonbon? how the other tpf get theirs ? should I wait till the SA call me or should I've tried to contact the other store and which one ?

    Anochka thanks for the info. Again thanks everyone.
  6. I think it is very difficult to say how limited it is. At my store, it is a pre-order item, i.e. if you want, you make an order. As long as you are early in the game, like now, you shouldnt have a problem in getting it, just dont wait months down the road. From past experience, I have hardly come across a bag that is very difficult to get (except Miroir and Mono Leopard), it is a matter of just waiting for the shipments to arrive. Usually, LV will make enough to satisfy the initial orders then you will see some stocks lying around once the frenzy is over.

    At this stage, if you want it, I am quite sure you will be able to get your hands on one. You just have to wait for the new production batch to arrive.
  7. Just see it IRL first and then decide. IT is goood that you are on the WL. Once you see it IRL, you will made your decision.
  8. That's the problem. I can't see it IRL because the closest LV store is about 3 hour drive from me. I believe if they call I have to make the decision right away especially if the bag is very limited. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    so far the more I see the bag the more I love it but the bag is quite expensive and I want to make sure it worth the price. decision decision decision:hysteric:
  9. ^^ My store has one sitting on display for a while now:yes:
  10. Shalomjude hows the bag IRL ?
  11. as soon as my SA showed me the bag i just brought it ... it's gorgeous and i don't know how limited it is but it is quite a unique bag... hope this helps
  12. It was Ok ..but the frame looks odd on the bag?? PLUS why can't they have placed a lovely silk lining in the bag like they did with the firebird???? The firebird is amazing and a great piece to have in a collection:tup:
  13. Thank you sulhali addict I need that :yes:

  14. I know the firebird is TDF but unfortunately not for my bank account :shame: can't afford that one.
  15. Most LV boutiques have a 14 day return policy. So even if you have it sent from the boutique three hours away, you can still return it if you decide it's not for you. The best thing to do is see it IRL, then make your decision. I think the exotic aquarelle speedy is very limited, but as other posters have said, there are a few available in stores now. I personally love the bag, and plan to buy it when my store receives one.