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  1. I exchanged my pochette (+$$$$$) for a damier papillon a few days back.........
    now i'm thinking i want the speedy 30 more than the pap :hysteric: since the can only hold my long wallet and my cell (Nokia 9500) not my digital camera and my make up kit........
    I'm supposed to saving up for another speedy but made a splurge today and bought a jack & lucie charm today:yahoo: ..........
    can i still exchange the pap for a speedy????:crybaby:
    please help.... i'm so confused..... i really wanted the charm ....... but i still want the speedy more now and i refuse to spend anymore .......what do i do
    IMG_0731 (Small).JPG IMG_0728 (Small).JPG IMG_0727 (Small).JPG
  2. Get what you love more. If you love them equally, which one would you use more.
  3. How long has it been since you did the exchange? As long as it's been less than 30 days and you haven't used it, I don't see why not!
  4. its only been 8 days..... i tried to use it the other day... but ended up changing bags since my usual stuff don't even cell already occupied a quarter of the space......
    thing is.....can i still exchange it....
  5. ITA, although my store is pretty strict about the 14 day policy stated on the receipt.
  6. I think you're good-to-go. Remember to take it back with everything (dustbag, receipt, box, any stuffing materials) that it came with.
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