LV exchange policy: I bought a bag back on 2/24 and..

  1. I want to excahnge it for another bag. Will the store allow me to do this?
    It is mono speedy 30 and I have not used it at all. In fact it is still in the box and dustbag since I bought it home.
    Although I like the bag a lot :crybaby: and will eventually buy it again, but right now I need a shoulder bag and I cannot swing both.
  2. Hmm, I don't know. I believe the return policy is 14 days, but maybe they would let you exchange it.
  3. It wouldn't hurt to take it to the store.:shrugs:
  4. I heard returnable in 14 days and exchangable within 30 so technically, no... but if you find a nice SA, he/she may be able to exchange for you.
  5. just ask them nicely.....and say "PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!"! worked for me in the past! ;) :heart:
  6. oh, :sad:((... i'm sorry you cannot use it now, :sad:... you said you love this bag, and maybe you just not really used to wear a handheld, why dont you just give a try, swing it for a while? maybe go out with friends using nice clothes?
  7. what about getting a shoulder strap?!!! it is OK ---- in my book!
  8. i have previously exchanged something that i've had for 2 months but havent used..

    my friend has exchanged something after he's had it for 9 months without using it...

    so..go ahead and do it! if u can't exchange it at astore, try another!
  9. It worked for me today!!! I got the conspriation sunnies on 26/Feb (exchanged the Soupcon sunnies for these), never used it. I went back to the boutique today and exchanged it to a BRAZZA wallet!! Just ask them doesn't hurt to give a try!!!

  10. Great to hear it worked BB!! Told ya it wouldn't hurt to ask!!:yes:
  11. Guess it's according to the mood they're in- my feeling is that as long as the store isn't losing money, it's in their best long-term interest to keep a customer happy.
  12. ^^ITA:yes: :yes:
  13. If you have a nice SA and it's in perfect sellable condition, they might do it even if it's past the 14 days. It won't hurt to ask.
  14. i agree.. give it a shot :yes:
  15. If the bag is in perfect, unused condition you should not have a problem with an exchange. They are usually very nice about it, too.