LV Evidence Sunglasses Adjustment


Dec 21, 2015
Hi im just wondering if i can adjust the temples of my evidence glasses?
its little bit narrow. i already knew that its gonna be a bit narrow but for the
price of $200 preloved. i can't let it go. is LV store do some adjustment?

PS: just wanted to share i always buy pre owned item in a very cheap prices.(business talk)

LV porte valeurs organizer= $87
LV zippy coin purse= $145
LV Dragonne= $58
LV Key Cles= $135
LV Keepall 50= $290
LV naviglio = $220
LV Selenga Clutch = $205
LV LV inventeur belt 35MM reversible= $185
LV LV initial Blet= $490 (Retail)
all are USD prices. But i bought it all in CAD currency.
i hope someone enjoy see my cheap collection :graucho:

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
I don't think LV will help fit your sunglasses or if this particular style is capable of being adjusted. Your best option would be to go to an optometrist and have a technician assist you, but don't be surprised if they're hesitant as their policy might place the risk of damage on you.