LV everywhere, anywhere, hate fake lvs!

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Nov 14, 2011
Hi guys this is my first ever thread, been wanting to start a new thread ever since and i think its the perfect timing, ive been eyeing on delightful mm this past weeks and like anyone in this forum have experienced its always out of stock so finally i got it in Paris.

Back here in Asia, ( as we all know there are alot of fakes selling around) was in the mall for the pass days been xmas shopping and i notice like every where i look literally , i saw 11 bags in 3mins of just observing, almost every girl is carrying a lv bag mostly speedy and nf...and i wonder was is that affordable? but in my thought i know its not! Coz the cheapest is almost $700... Or are those mostly fake?

Its just sad that there are alot of fake scattered. The fake around for me its irritating, and hope it doesnt ruin the value of lv

This thread suits it
Not open for further replies.