LV everyday obsession

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  1. I always think of wanting bags everyday mostly LV'S but some chanel once in a while. Is this normal? Who else thinks of bags everyday? On which one to get next? How do you save up for it? Do you make saving funds? Lol.
  2. Me! Lol. I sell off some bags and save up
    Some money. Every valentines I usually ask for an SLG. This birthday I am asking for a bag. Lol.
  3. :wave: me
    It is a hobby for me I guess. Check tPF. Check to see what people on tPF are talking about. Look at bag, think about bag, think more, look more, read something different on tPF, go to, want new bag, think about bag .... It never ends. :P
  4. This just happened to me last night while in class! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    I been day dreaming about the LV and Gucci backpack. Along with Balenciaga and Prada backpack. Like which backpack to get...:cray:
  5. Omg, I check the purse forum constantly and am always reading up on bags!!!!
  6. :d

  7. Lol. Me too. I don't think anyone else would understand except u all. Right now I'm on the hunt for a Thames pm in DE. Something about it appeals to me even though it's discontinued.
  8. Same here :roflmfao:

    Great :cool:

    Life is so short
  9. Glad to know I am not the only one. I thought I was going crazy. I think I should create saving funds for it but I have yet to study the system on how to do it. I am planning to get this bag and before I even saved up for it something else caught my desire and ended purchasing another one then I have to save up again then same thing happens. Darn, limited editions. lol

  10. Yup. I consider it a hobby as well. I do the exact same thing you described. Lol
  11. Me! Handbags are a hobby and LV is my favorite!
  12. Only everyday? I'm every hour!!
  13. I do the same thing. I check tPF constantly, daily. I just got crazy about bag last September. I tried to limit myself to two bags a year though. (SLGs don't count.[emoji12]) I actually work hard and save for it.
  14. Me too I love my handbags and think about the next one all the time LOL glad I'm not alone.
  15. Oh definitely me. I'm on tpf and everyday! I'm always browsing bags/SLGs and adjusting my wishlist. I'd be so embarrassed if there was a way to see how many times someone logs into their LV account LOL.
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