LV-event question..

  1. Are there sales at every LV-event?

    I've been invited to a store anniversary, so it's not really a trunk show or "product presentation" event... :confused1:
  2. I wish. I never get invited to these things but if they had one I think I'd crash it :graucho: Theres a bag just listed on eBay the neverfull from last nights show I assume. They're asking $1,950.00. I wonder what it originally sold for.
  3. No "LV-eventers" know? I have to plan my next purchase in that case, it should much more fun getting it at an event. ^_~
  4. Are you referring to the one here in Oslo, Liberté? If so, then the answer is yes. Last event I attended was last summer and I was able to purchase some stuff from there. There's a private event coming up soon... Hope to see you there!