LV Event at Neiman's Short Hills NJ

  1. I was invited to this LV event at Short Hills Neiman's.
    Promised was catering, music, cocktails.

    Too bad service wasn't on the roster.
    Business must be good....
    oh well - Was Anyone Else Here There ?

    They did have a LV cake made by a local bakery that one can order . . . I forget which pieces, but I think it was a small trunk with another piece on top. Kind of like a wedding cake......
    I had wanted to look at a few items but it seemed to be an event focusing on special orders. Anyway, I had a drink, snack, and made my way . . .
  2. I shop at the LV boutique in that mall, gelbergirl. I have only bought one or two accessories from the NM LV.
    Sounds cool though! :yes:
    I'm in south jersey, how about you?
  3. I guess they wasn't inviting me, especially with my refund incident:lol: did you have fun, hey I'm in South Jersey too, oh wait that wasn't from Neimans , it was from the boutique.
  4. I am in Central NJ.
    In addition to the Neiman's event, I was at the SOHO LV boutique yesterday as well.
    I wanted to see Live in person the Danier Ipanema PM bag for my Mom.

    For some reason the sales woman showed me the Damier Ipanema GM and the Opanema Pouchette.

    Very odd -
    I had already ordered off eLux, so it was the correct thing when I got it home.

    BUT NOW I LIKE THE IPANEMA GM for myself ! ! !

    Oh, such problems, he he ha ha ha.
    Have to laugh!
  5. Decisions, decisions! I'm like that too.:yes:
    Sounds like you had a good LV shopping day yesterday.
    Have a good weekend! So sweet of you and I'm sure your mom will LOVE her gift!
  6. nope can't say that I was but it sound like it would have been a real :party: