LV Eugenie wallet

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  1. Hey everyone. I am totally in love with the Eugenie wallet. I've narrowed it down to either the Epi in black or ivoire. I was thinking of going with black because it's classic, but I do have other black wallets. I like the look of the ivoire but I'm afraid it might look dirty after some time. Can anyone out there with the wallet in either of these colors tell me what they think?
  2. I wish it would come in red or something more eye popping.
  3. I love it in mono!
  4. I would go with black!
  5. i have ivoire but i dont use it that much. i think it will get dirty
  6. Definitely go with black!!! I want to get more black Epi pieces. :tup:
  7. i would go the black, the white will get a little bit grubbier
  8. black
  9. I would go for the white. Epi is great and easy to wipe down. Just keep up on whiping her down and be conscious of what is on your hands when you handle her. You should be fine.
  10. Mono
  11. I love the Eugenie in Mono! This is my all-time favorite wallet.

  12. ivoire - love this wallet, it's simply stunning!!! Since you have other black wallets, you need something sleek.
  13. I have it in white. it is so beautiful
  14. BLACK!!! you can never have too many black accessories ;)
  15. Lol, you guys are making it hard for me. =) I was almost about to purchase the white one when it turns out I lost my wallet at work. When I called the security office, they said it was found but when I went to pick it up, all my cash was gone. I had to cancel my credit cards, so I can't even order it right now. =( But then I was looking through the other threads and now I'm eyeing the Amelia wallet, because it has even more card slots. =p The white one doesn't look as good as the white eugenie though in my opinion. Anyway, looks like I'm going to have to think about it for a little longer.