LV-esque puppy toys!

  1. chewyvuittonwhite2.jpg cherryvuitton.jpg
  2. They are cute. DH would spit nails if I got that for my doggies!
  3. So cute!!!
  4. Are you sure they aren't real? :p
  5. Hehehe, maybw we should post them in the "Authenticate this" forum, hehe! :roflmfao: ( I might get Booted! )
  6. Mine also .. since the only pup in the house that plays with toys is the male .. don't think DH would be happy seeing Gunny playing with a LV purse .. :lol: My female is too prissy to get riled up about mere toys ..
  7. Cute! I might get one for my puppy!
  8. omg my puppy totally needs one of those!!!!!
  9. So Cute!!!!
  10. Awww! So cute!! :cutesy:
  11. Ew They Are Fakes...

  12. What a waste of money. Gucci makes bones dogballs and collars and a bunch of other (nott all that well) junk for dogs.
  13. aww how adorable! dogs are boys and my very old fashioned bf would flip if i got them one fair!
  14. There was another thread about these toys so beware... theres alot of people out there that dont realize that these are ment to be fun and humourus you may get some nasty comments about them. IMO there super cute, my dog loved her Cherry purse, loved it so much in fact that I ended up having to toss it after about 10 months but it was cute watching her carry it room to room. Their great gifts!!
  15. Does it really matter? Wouldn't they be chewed up anyways?